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This page covers current and past tournaments and leagues.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Steel Division has a variety of casual and competitive Tournaments played in 1v1 and 2v2 Format. This list is divided into Regions and Status of the Tournaments.

Tournaments in SD are usually played in Conquest mode and are free for everyone to join.

Global[edit | edit source]

Upcoming[edit | edit source]

Steel Division League Season 2

Split into 3 regions with 2 skill levles each

GuGuGu 3v3 Tournament

On-Going[edit | edit source]

Herr Roberts Petty Tournament

16 Person Double Elemination Tournament.

Steel Division League[edit | edit source]

A League with weekly played games in Bo2 format, each player plays Allies and Axis ones, Top 2 players out of each region get into playoffs.

Informations and Registration for the first season can be found on Challonge

2v2 League

6 Team Divisions Tournament

Finished[edit | edit source]

Herr Roberts Grand Tournament

A 32 players 1v1 Tournament, played Bo3 with Bo5 finals.

PDX Grand Steel Division Tournament[edit | edit source]

Its a Single-elimination Tournament organised by Paradox Interactive played over 2 months.

All rounds are played Bo3.

Protosszockers Fun Tournaments[edit | edit source]

It was a series of 1v1 and 2v2 One-day Tournaments

Asia Pacific[edit | edit source]

On-Going[edit | edit source]

Asia Pacific Monthly Tournament[edit | edit source]

This is a 1 one day Tournament with Bo1 games and an Bo3 final, usally played on one Saturday starting at 4 pm HKT (GMT + 8).

Next one March 31st 4 pm.

Europe[edit | edit source]

Upcoming[edit | edit source]


On-Going[edit | edit source]

Finished[edit | edit source]

Chickendew`s European Tournament[edit | edit source]

A double Elimination Tournament played with 1 game per week with a BO3 Format. Starts of the 8th of February.

Further information can be found here.

PDX Inhouse Tournament[edit | edit source]

Was an internal Tournament played in the Publisher studio of Paradox Interactive

Naschlaps Division Tournament[edit | edit source]

Was a 1v1 long time Tournament organised by the german Youtuber Naschlap, it was played in the Bo3 Single-Elimination Tournament with a Bo5 Final

Replays[edit | edit source]

Here you can find Links to casted tournament Replays by Youtubers

Rangroo[edit | edit source]

The Great Paradox Tournament

3rd SD Fun Tournament

other Tournament replays can be found (no playlist)

VulcanHDGaming[edit | edit source]

2nd Pan-Asia Tournament

The Great Paradox Tournament

other Tournament replays can be found (no playlist)

Naschlap[edit | edit source]

Naschlaps Division Tournament(german cast)

KhanUlric:[edit | edit source]

Tournament Replays can be found under his

SD 44 Playlist

Paradox Interactive[edit | edit source]

The Great Paradox Tournament

E.Gaming Templars Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Great Paradox Tournament (French Cast)

Aegon[edit | edit source]


CoreofexisteNz[edit | edit source]