S.MG 42

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S.MG 42
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General data
Deployment cost35
Weap smg42.png
Schweres MG 42 (7.92mm)
Accuracy: 5/10
Rate of fire: 357 r/m
High Explosive: 9
Range: 800m

Squad strength4
Top infantry ger.png
Mobility and detection
Speed15 km/h

S.MG 42 is a German Infantry unit. It is the costliest as well as the most effective Axis machine gun fielded in the game, and can fire up to 800m range, laying down withering suppressive fire on enemy soft targets. Usually manned by experienced or even elite crew, the MG 42 is fielded by a wide range of German divisions and becomes available from phase B onwards.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A machine-gun emplacement with the MG 42 general purpose machine gun. In German infantry doctrine, the machine gun was the principal element of a platoon, with other troops protecting the gunner, rather than the usual doctrine where the machine gun supported other troops in Allied armies.

The MG 42 has acquired a legendary reputation as one of the finest general-purpose machine guns ever produced. It could lay down effective suppressive fire like no other machine gun at the time (Allied contemporaries being the Vickers machine gun and the M1919 Browning) and pin down enemy infantry, which it partially thanked to its high rate of fire. The development of the MG42 resulted from experiences with the MG34, which was effective but proved costly and long to build. The new machine gun would be easier to produce and be less expensive. Variants of the machine gun were mounted on vehicles and it was also used in an anti-aircraft role. Its unparallelled rate of fire also came at a cost, however. Ammunition was spent fast and the machine gun had a tendency to overheat when used during a prolonged period of time.The MG 42 was intended to replace the MG 34 when it entered service in 1942, but both machine guns saw extensive service until the end of the war.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The MG42 is the best amongst all machine guns fielded by the various divisions, providing devastating supporting fire against enemy infantry. On its own, it is very capable of pinning down and destroying enemy infantry from a respectable range. It can also destroy unarmoured or very lightly armoured vehicles such as the Jeep.

The machine gun is a good addition to any defensive line, though it is slightly more awkward to use in an offensive role as it takes some time to set up the machinery. The MG42 is best supported by an anti-tank gun or a tank, as it cannot effectively engage armoured enemy vehicles on its own.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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