M4(75) Abrams

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M4(75) Abrams
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General data
Deployment cost130
Weap canon m3 early 75mml.png
M3 (early) (75mm)
Accuracy: 4/10
Rate of fire: 6 r/m
Armor Piercing: 10
High Explosive: 4
Range: 1000m

Weap browning 303.png
2x Browning M1919 (7.62mm)
Accuracy: 5/10
Rate of fire: 258 r/m
High Explosive: 7
Range: 600m

Weap browning m2hb.png
M2HB (12.7mm)
Accuracy: 5/10
Rate of fire: 176 r/m
High Explosive: 6
Range: 800m

Top sherman m4a1 us.png
Top: Enclosed
Mobility and detection
Speed20 km/h (60 km/h on roads)
StealthVery bad
OpticsVery low
Special abilities
This unit is a platoon leader squad. An officer improves the resilience and fighting abilities of nearby units. In game terms, this means that units in a leader's area of effect receive +1 experience level, incoming suppression damage is halved, do not surrender, and are not affected by morale penalties even if isolated behind enemy lines. LEADER

M4(75) Abrams is a United States Tank unit.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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At the start of the WW2, Creighton Abrams was just a regimental adjutant, but was later promoted to eventually became a lieutenant colonel in 1942, a rank which he also held at the time of the D-day landings. During the Normandy Campaign  Lieutenant Colonel Creighton W. Abrams commanded 37th Tank Battalion.

During his time in the 4th Armored Division, he became known as a aggressive and successful armor commander, with General Patton saying about him: "I'm supposed to be the best tank commander in the Army, but I have one peer — Abe Abrams. He's the world champion." around the end of the war, he was temporary promoted to colonel, but this was reversed during the demobilization after the war.

He continued to serve the US Army, fighting in the Korea war and obtaining the rank of general sometime before the Vietnam war.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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