KM Marineinfanterie

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KM Marineinfanterie
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Km seesoldaten ger.png
General data
Deployment cost10
MP 28 Bergmann (9mm PB)
Accuracy: 9/10
Rate of fire: 93 r/m
High Explosive: 3
Range: 100m

Weap kar98.png
3x Karabiner 98K (7.92mm)
Accuracy: 7/10
Rate of fire: 42 r/m
High Explosive: 1
Range: 300m

Leichtes MG 15 (7.92mm)
Accuracy: 5/10
Rate of fire: 225 r/m
High Explosive: 4
Range: 400m

Squad strength5
Top infantry ger.png
Mobility and detection
Speed18 km/h
Special abilities
This unit is made up either of raw conscripts, war-weary or unwilling soldiers. It will fight as any other, but will take +25% suppression damage as regular troops. DISHEARTENED

KM Marineinfanterie is a German Infantry unit added in Back to Hell.

Overview[edit | edit source]

KM Marineinfanterie are not marines like the American USMC or British Royal Marines but Sailors fighting as infantry. These units in Festung Groß-Paris represent the average Kriegsmarine sailors who were stationed in Paris and who were armed to defend against the French insurrection and the Allied attack on Paris. These were officer workers and support staff Marinegruppenkommando West in Paris.

Rangers Lead The Way, 726. Grenadier-Regiment was reinforced by Alarm units made up of KM Marineinfanterie.

During basic training the Kriegsmarine sailors were trained in infantry combat.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Due to the small size an disheartened trait, the KM Infantrie are difficult to use against any elite allied forces. It would be advised to keep these men on the defensive, to hold ground already secured by more applicable units. Use with the KM Fuhrer as support.

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