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Grw. 50mm

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Grw. 50mm
Unit Viewer 577.png
Mortier grw 50mm.png
General data
Deployment cost40
Weap mortier grw 36 50mm.png
Granatwerfer 36 (50mm)
Rate of fire: 15 r/m
High Explosive: 2 (21m AoE)
Range: 900m

Squad strength3
Top mortier 81mm us.png
Mobility and detection
Speed15 km/h
Special abilities
This unit is able to fire HE & smoke shells at any point within its range, even without line of sight and over obstacles. INDIRECT FIRE

Grw. 50mm is a German Artillery unit.

Overview[edit | edit source]

5 cm Granatwerfer 36 was a light mortar that adopted in service 1936. These were used in Platoon level as Light Mortar Section of three men with two men carrying the mortar components and the third carrying the ammo. These were used to provide platoon fire support beyond the range of hand grenades. These mortar left front line service since they had relatively short range and its explosive effect was lacking.

Each Infantry Battalion of the 716. Infanterie are equipped with Granatwerfer 36.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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