Beo.Pz. IV H (170mm)

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Beo.Pz. IV H
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General data
Deployment cost190
Weap kwk 40l48 75mm.png
KwK 40 L/48 (75mm)
Accuracy: 6/10
Rate of fire: 6 r/m
Armor Piercing: 14
High Explosive: 4
Range: 1000m

Weap mg34 vehicule.png
3x MG 34 (7.92mm)
Accuracy: 5/10
Rate of fire: 326 r/m
High Explosive: 7
Range: 600m

Weap 170mm battery.png
Field battery (173mm) (170mm)
Rate of fire: 11 r/m
High Explosive: 18 (56m AoE)
Range: m

Top panzer iv h.png
Top: Enclosed
Mobility and detection
Speed25 km/h (60 km/h on roads)
StealthVery bad
OpticsVery low
Special abilities
This unit is as a Forward Artillery Observer,�commanding off-map fire missions. It can call-in powerful strikes in its vicinity, delayed by the mission's parameters. Observers have the following guns ARTILLERY OBSERVER

Beo.Pz. IV H is a German Artillery unit.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV was a German artillery observation vehicle based on Panzer IV. These tanks were given   StuG III Kommandantenkuppel (Commander's Cupola), SF14Z scissors telescope, T.S.R.1 observation periscope, Plotting Tables,  GG400 electrical generator and additional radios and radio masts. The coax machine gun and mount was removed along with reduction of main gun rounds from 87 to 77. These were assigned to Wespe and Hummel Self-Propelled Artillery Batteries.

This vehicle spots for 17 cm Kanone 18 in Mörserlafette. These artillery piece were placed in Corps and Army level Artillery units to be used in long-range counter-battery and heavy support role.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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