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Steel Division: Normandy 44 features several maps for multiplayer use, each with its own, distinct set of challenges to overcome. A roughly historical order of maps is as follows:

Omaha/Colleville/Pointe du HocPegasus BridgeCaumont L'EventéMerderetCote 112/CheuxCarpiquetOdonColombellesMont Ormel

List of maps[edit | edit source]

Map Minimap Environment Notes
Carpiquet top.jpg
Generally open map with a centrally-positioned airfield.
Wide open spaces bracketed by forests.
SteelDivision-DirectX-11-Release-C-64-Bits 3.jpg
Mixed map, with heavily urban, industrial areas and rather open fields.
Mont ormel 1.png
Large, forested map bisected by a river
Omaha top.jpg