B-26B Marauder (45kg)

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B-26B Marauder
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Marauder b26b 45 us.png
General data
Deployment cost200
Weap browning m2hb.png
2x M2HB Turret (12.7mm)
Accuracy: 3/10
Rate of fire: 1500 r/m
High Explosive: 1
Range: 1200m

Weap browning m2hb.png
2x M2HB Turret (12.7mm)
Accuracy: 3/10
Rate of fire: 1500 r/m
High Explosive: 1
Range: 1200m

Bombe an m30.png
M30 45kg x20 (45kg)
Rate of fire: 95 r/m
High Explosive: 20 (39m AoE)
Range: 1000m

Top b26b marauder.png
ResilienceVery good
AgilityVery bad
Mobility and detection
Speed400 km/h
Special abilities
This plane carries over 500kg of bombs. HEAVY BOMBER

B-26B Marauder (45kg) is a United States Air unit.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The B-26 was one of the most important aviation assets in U.S. service, with the lowest loss rate of any USAAF bomber. Designed by the Glenn L. Martin Company in 1939, in response to a United States Army Air Corps specification for a twin-engine medium bomber, it was a shoulder-winged monoplane with an all-metal construction and tricycle landing gear. The distinctive central fuselage mounted a dorsal turret with a pair of .50 machine guns (the first of its kind on US bombers), with an additional .30 machine gun in the tail. It had two bomb bays mounted in the center of the fuselage, capable of carrying nearly three tons of bombs. The aircraft was powered by a pair of Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp radial engines, mounted in engine nacelles on unusually small wings.

The construction of the B-26 gave it excellent performance in combat and the air, but required a high degree of skill to operate it safely. Early versions were dubbed the Widomakers, due to the sheer number of accidents suffered on landing (the B-26 required much higher landing speeds than pilots were used to). As training improved and the Marauder's design evolved, it became one of the most successful medium bombers in Allied service, with 5,266 produced and used on all fronts of the war to drop a total of 150,000 tons of bombs in 110,000 sorties.

4th Armored has two cards of two one star veteran B-26B Marauders in Phase C.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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